Due do the lack of a reliable and strong private distribution company in Iran, Diya distribution company was established in the year 2000 by the founder of Seybon Trading Co. and became a sister company of Seybon Group. Producers in Iran have always been looking for a private distribution company that is reliable, fast, strong and caring; characteristics that mainly lack in major distribution company currently active in the Iranian market.

What differentiates Diya Distribution Co. from its competitors:

1-We present market study. After accepting a products from a supplier to be distributed, we provide the supplier with a through market study about their product. We provide them with market analysis, sales estimation, market capacity and other necessary information that any suppliers needs to know about the market.

2-Once in the network, we market the product like our own as we walk in any store. We explain, teach, market and then sell.

3-Once in the store, our personnel are trained to look at shelves for previously sold products, to clean, adjust and refill if needed.

4-All our personnel are very well trained and they very well know that “Customer is always right”.

5-We are flexible with our customers-shops in terms of payment pay backs.

6-We always give our suppliers weekly reports on sales and market feedback.

7-We give shops customer service on a product when supplier is not reachable.

8-All defected goods are taken back to our warehouse.

9-At Diya, your products will be stored, distributed and fulfilled more efficiently, costs will be decreased, resources will be maximized and customer satisfaction rates will improve.

10-Supplier will have a very short time to market. Currently Diya Distribution Company has more than 2700 supermarkets and pharmacies on its list of customers and more than 16 representatives and distributors in major Iranian cities. That means your product will be distributed all over the nation in less than a week time.

Major customers of Diya Distribution company include:

Kandelous Agr. Co.

Goods imported by Seybon Trading Company.

Sivand Co.

Yashil Company

Khorous Chewing Gum

Tara Flash lights


If you are a supplier and looking for a distributor, please contact our main office or e-mail us at diya@seybon.com