Jahangiri Cultural Complex


Lying on the slopes of central Alborz Mountains, Kandelous Village is the most attractive touristic village of northern region of Iran. On top of Kandelous village, Kandelous Cultural Complex has been established to introduce the unique art and culture of the people of northern Iran from thousands of years ago to all the people around the globe.
Kandelous Cultural Complex, is the only private rustic museum in Iran and with facilities such as restaurant, traditional guest house and health shop is ready to serve all the lovers of nature and history.

What the founder of Kandelous Cultural Complex has to say about his museum:

"That rustic museum and cultural complex which was the fruit of my old and long lasting love for the entire period of my childhood and youth and which was intended to demonstrate Kandelous as sample village among the green and fertile villages in Iran contained historic  treasuries as well as self-evident documents of the adventures and tales of our affectionate and sincere ancestors which were all transferred to the newly constructed complex. Construction of this complex was initiated in 1980 and was completed within a period of  eight years in 1988.

Ever since I've come to know myself and the environment I was living in, I've loved my birthplace Kandelous. I've loved its fertile land, the pure delicious water of its springs, the greenery of its trees and woods, its pleasant nature and healthy weather, the enchanting songs of its nightingles and wild birds and whatever connected to this fertile region, all of which served as the source of loving in my thoughts and took me to dreams.

I've lived through childhood in this region under such circumstances until I stepped into the prime of youth. At that age I wished everybody would love Kandelous and get acquainted with its historical remains, earthware, handicrafts and whatever related to it, as much as I did. I would regret for the magnificence of all those beauties and innocence to be consigned to oblivion.

I well remember that, motivated by such love and wishes, I had hanged the traditional implements and local costumes of the rural people on the walls of the damp and dark closet of our house, out of the sight of my father and to avoid the complaints and reproach of my mother. I had this established the most innocent and unknown rustic museum. However, the first step was taken. Since then up to the very moment, even during the period I've lived abroad for my studies, that love has kept flaring up from my whole being.

This complex which has traces of my love at its every nook and cranny and is an expressive page from the diary of my childhood, youth and adulthood belongs to the noble people of Iran and every part of it expresses silenty but eloquently the secrets of the past to its visitors."


Katibe Placed on the main wall

Stone Placed on the wall of main hall


Touristic Activities:

More than thousands of people yearly come to visit Kandelous and its facilities. People who come to visit the complex and its facilities can stay overnight at Kandelous hotel or its VIP guest houses and experience the unique taste of region's food at Kandelous Restaurant. Concert and ceremonies are held during the year and tours are also arranged for those who prefer social trips. Contact us for the next tour scheduale.At the village, not only the highly qualified and convenient facilities of the complex, but also, its glorious nature makes the village a unique historical meeting place for odorers of nature. In Kandelous you can visit a historical museum, herbal farms, a traditional guest house and many other eye catching places


            Kandelous Guest House             Interior of a two bed room 


Kandelous Park and Stadium


Kandelous restaurant serving local food as well as regular foods


Local Kandelous Shop in the park area


n addition, all the old melodies and traditional songs of the region have been gathered by him and have been rebuilt. These melodies can be found in six different cassettes and CD at Kandelous Shop.