Seybon Trading Co-Dubai (LLC) was established in 1999 in Dubai (U.A.E) in order to support the foreign trades of Seybon Group of Companies Iranian affiliated companies and act as an independent company to attend at international trade scenes, by exploiting and taking the advantages of banking facilities, ease of import/export, access to world's financial tools and well established business relations.

Seybon Trading Dubai, is active in distribution of Kandelous products in Persian Gulf countries and is sole agent of Trolli, wissol and Latino café in United Arab Emirates. Sybon Dubai has helped many companies new in U.A.E. to establish themselves.

Currently Seybon Dubai is working with number of Iranian companies to help them import their goods into Iran and also helps them to use banking and government facilities.

Seybon Trading Co.-Dubai is pleased to offer to its customers all financial facilities and services to import all kinds of goods and commodities from any countries in the world to Dubai or Iran, exporting any goods from U.A.E to Iran and support the export of Iranian goods to U.A.E market or anywhere in the world