Kandelous Agricultural Company, the largest producer of Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils, Hygienics and Cosmetics from natural sources in the Middle East was founded by Dr. Ali Asghar Jahangiri, a businessman born in Kandelous Village. Dr. Jahangir had built the only Private Museum in Iran in a small village named Kandelous. Dr. Jahangiri is recognized by the Iranian government as the industry man of the year 1996 is also a founder of number of well known companies.

In summer of 1988 in his farm, Dr. Jahangiri had started to cultivate Medicinal Herbs since there was an increasing demand for Medicinal Herb in International market as a substitute for Chemical Medicine. Cultivation started with two different kinds of herbs and shortly increased to fifty different herbs. Products were processed and packed for internal market and were exported in Bulk to European countries. Today Kandelous has more than hundred and ten products and has overseas sales to more than ten countries.

On the side and due to establishment of strong network of distribution, Kandelous has also focused on importation of goods similar to Kandelous products which were distributed on Kandelous Network of Distribution. Kandelous were also involved in cultural activities and other small business activities.

Seybon Trading Co. was founded by the Second generation of Jahangiri family-Kasra Jahangiri to handle the Import and Export side of business and manage the sister companies. Seybon grew rapidly and became one of leading Trading companies in Iran. Seybon had diversified its activities wherever it saw a market opportunity in Iranian economy that needed quality service and products. Smaller companies were acquired and founded by Seybon and Seybon had diversified it activities under different companies. Seybon Co, had changed its name to Seybon Group of Companies and Today 11 companies are owned and operated by Seybon Group of Companies. Today, some very well known brands and companies such as Kandelous, Negin Kandelous and Jahangiri Cultural Complex are owned and operated by Seybon Group of Companies.